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COURSE SYLLABUS (Note: all classes will be taped) PART I. FOUNDATIONS OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY • Background of Vedic Astrology and how to approach it • Study Guide to Astrology of the Seers • Planetary Types and their characteristics • Advanced Study of Houses and House Lords • Shadbala: the Six means of Judging Planetary Strength and Weakness • Horoscope Judgment, basic principles • Business Astrology, basic considerations • Relationship Astrology 1) Comparative Method via Ascendant and Planets 2) Computative Method or Kuta System • Vimshopak • Glossaries, Sanskrit and English PART II. THE ASTROLOGY OF HEALING OR AYURVEDIC ASTROLOGY • Astrology and Ayurveda, interconnections • Planets and Disease Correlations • Individual Ayurvedic Constitution and Disease Tendency • Astrology, Diet and Herbs • Subtle Healing Remedies: Colors, Flowers and Aromas • Gem Therapy 1) Basic Principles and application 2) Advanced Principles • Mantra 1) Balancing the Planets through Cosmic Sounds 2) Sounds of Planets, Signs and Nakshatras • Sanskrit pronunciation guide • Planetary Deities and Yantras • Spiritual Astrology, How to Examine the Subtle Body • Chart Rectification PART III. ADVANCED MATERIAL: NAKSHATRAS AND MUHURTA • Nakshatras (Lunar Asterisms) 1) Description of Nakshatras 2) Systems of Nakshatra Classification • Karmic Astrology and the Lunar Nodes • Horary Astrology, the Timing of Events • Astrological Forecasting (Muhurta) 1) The Role of Nakshatras 2) Tithis and Related Factors • Ashtakavarga 1) the Basic System 2) the Timing of Events • How to Give a Vedic Astrology Reading 1) Background Information 2) Procedure PART IV. WORKBOOK AND CHART ANALYSIS • How to Read North and South Indian Charts • Synopsis of Chart Judgment • The Twelve Ascendants • Raja Yoga and Implications • Medical or Ayurvedic Astrology, Advanced Material • Maraka Planets and Referred Houses • Chart Rectification • The Jaimini System • The Question of Ayanamsha • The Antiquity of Vedic Astrology