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Course: 50 Hours!  


Course content +Advanced accounting +Activation and Creation of Cost Centers and Cost categories +Cost Center Reports and Class Objective +Case Study on Cost Centers, Cost Categories and Cost Center Class Objective +Interest Calculation +Interest +Calculating interest in Advanced mode objective +Case Study- Interest Calculation +Budgets and Reports +Standard Costing +Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow and Funds Flow +TDS Features in Tally +Case study- TDS in Tally +Non Accounting Vouchers +Memorandum Voucher +Reversing & Memorandum Journal Voucher +Optional Vouchers +Tax Collected at Source (TCS) +TCS- Case study +Simple and Advanced Reorder Levels +Pre-closure +Reorder levels and Pre-closure of orders +Item Cost Tracking +Case Study- Item Cost Tracking Feature +Price Levels and Price Lists +Point of sale (POS) +Price level price list and POS Objective +Banking & Check management +e-Payments +Bank Reconciliation +Sources of Financing +Sources of Finance +Types of Loans and Classification +Data Required for Financing +Job Costing +Stock Transfer Journal +Job Costing Reports +Case Study- Job Costing +Voucher Type Setup +Job Work Out Transactions +Job Work Out Different Reports +Job Work In Order +Job work inorder Different Reports +Case Study- Job Work Order +Payroll Statutory Deductions +Income Tax +Case Study- Payroll & Statutory Details and Income tax +Payroll statutory details and Income Tax +GSRT-1 Report +GSRT-2 and 3B Report +Case Study- GSTR-1, 2 and 3B Reports +E-way Bill in Tally +Case Study - E-way Bill +Enable Tally Audit Features +Case Study- Access Controls and Security Management +Data Synchronization +Online Data Synchronization +Case Study- Data Synchronization +SMS Configuration +Control and Support Centre