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When customers ask us how to close sales more effectively, they are often surprised that we counter this with a question: How are sales initiated? A successful sales process is an integrated chain made of several elements. A single weak link makes the entire process vulnerable. For example, if margins are too low, do sales staff have insufficient negotiation skills? On the other hand, identifying and qualifying potential customers may be the fault. If customers rebuff a sales approach, it doesn’t necessarily mean their needs weren’t addressed. Perhaps, the intial conversation is the problem? Sales SolutionsAfter implementing our sales solutions, RSTCA’s clients report an increase in sales. We have helped them achieve this by examining the responsibilities of their sales staff, and analyzing their markets and specific sales processes. We have implemented comprehensive, proven methods that bring results. Then we have helped our clients answer the challenging questions: How do you measure those results? Which indicators do you strive to improve? You decide, and we help you find the answers.