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  • Student Screening

    Student Screening

    RSTCA-VENUS is an experienced agency in background checks of Students eligibility for enrollment.
  • University Application Assistance

    University Application Assistance

    RSTCA-VENUS Admission team assists students to choose the level of degree he/she applies for, and direction
  • Documentation Guidance

    Documentation Guidance

    RSTCA-VENUS’s Document Department is designed to help students prepare their own documents and compliance
  • Interview Assistance

    Interview Assistance

    While interviews are not part of every university’s admission process, many institutions will ask ....
  • Scholarship Assistance

    Scholarship Assistance

    The Scholarship Assistance Program works to inform students about the process of applying for privat....
  • Compliance

    For convenience and in order to serve Australian Universities and Colleges better, RSTCA-VENUS has form....