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We are passionately committed to demonstrating the results of our consulting, training, coaching, new media and feedback assignment. We have compiled here some examples of what we have achieved for our clients, and how they have benefited from choosing RSTCA and our partners.

Improved Business results

Any investment in skills development and changes in employee behavior can be substantiated only with improved business results. That’s why RSTCA focuses on those activities – research, training, counseling, coaching, e-learning / m-learning – that result in higher business value, increased sales or reduced costs. Visit our website for examples of projects that demonstrate how our clients have seen direct benefits from our approach.

Changing Employee Behavior for Results

Changing employee behavior and increasing their involvement are the key to improved business results. RSTCA trainers help participants understand the challenges, demonstrating the need for change – the driving force that brings optimal results. Our clients experience lasting change in the effectiveness of their employees. See our website for examples of our clients’ successes in selected projects.

Participant Satisfaction and Improved Competence

When participants are satisfied with their skills improvement and learn to use tools productively, they apply what they have learned in their day-to-day work long after they have completed training. As part of our process, we calculate a Net Promoter Score (NPS) and report it to the client. Based on research conducted before and after training, we can precisely measure improvements in knowledge and competence. See our website for examples of achievements.