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Personality Development Training

The 2017 Mini MBA Personality Development

Registration Fee: $500     $200/- | Class Code: rstca201710minimbab2 | Class Location: Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal | Class Size: 50 persons per batch Course: 100 Hours

What you'll learn

  1. UNDERSTAND different personalities
  2. FEEL CONFIDENT in communicating with anyone
  3. BE CONVINCING on and off the job
  4. KNOW which personality type you are talking to
  5. TAILOR your communication to different personality types
  6. PERSUADE effectively
  7. MARKET effectively to different personas

Module Module One

Unit 1 Leadership Introduction to Leadership, Leadership Power, Leadership Styles, Leadership in Administration. Unit 2 Interpersonal Introduction to Interpersonal Relations, Analysis Relations of different ego states, Analysis of Transactions, Analysis of Strokes, Analysis of Life position Unit 3 Stress Introduction to Stress, Causes of Stress, Impact Management Stress, Managing Stress Unit 4 Group Dynamics Importance of groups in organization, and Team Interactions in group, Group Building Decision Taking, Team Building, Interaction with the Team, How to build a good team? Unit 5 Conflict Introduction to Conflict, Causes of Conflict, Management Managing Conflict Unit 6 Performance Introduction to Performance Appraisal, Appraisal Vertical Appraisal, Horizontal Appraisal, 360º Performance Appraisal, Methods of improving Techniques of Performance Appraisal. Unit 7 Time Time as a Resource, Identify Important Time Management Wasters, Individual Time Management Styles, Techniques for better Time Management. Unit 8 Motivation Introduction to Motivation, Relevance and types of Motivation, Motivating the subordinates, Analysis of Motivation

Module Two

Presentation Skills:- (i) Stage fear & how to get rid of it. (ii)Judging Audience needs. (iii)How to structure powerful presentations. (iv)How to develop skills & confidence in delivering effective presentations. (v)Role of body language. Communication Skills:- (i)Effective & ineffective communication. (ii)Listening skills. (iii)Giving & receiving feedback. (iv)Identifying communication styles. (v)Understanding non-verbal behavior. (vi) Getting along with others- Boss, colleagues, Juniors.] (vii)Communicating on the Telephone effectively. Facing Interviews & Group Discussions successfully:- 1. Resume v/s CV. 2. Writing resume or Proposal. 3. GD techniques & practice sessions. 4. Preparing for interview | Meetings. 5. Personal Interview | Meetings. 6. Telephonic Interview | Meetings. 7. Interview Etiquettes | Meeting Etiquettes

Module Three

Business Etiquettes:- 1. Meeting etiquette. 2. Personal etiquette. 3. Behavior at work. 4. Small talk etiquette. Module Three 1. Personal Finance 2. Public Speaking 3. Creating Confidence – Developing your personal power and presence 4. The Perfect Interview – How to get the job you really want 5. Assertiveness Training 6. Are you using both halves of your Brain? 7. Body Language 8. Table Etiquette 9. Positive Attitude 10. Gentleman Dressing 11. Etiquette in Business 12. Dress Ethics 13. Conversation Skills 14. Gestures and Expressions 15. Getting Along with People 16. Leadership Skills 17. Science of Power Games

Module Four

1. Millionaire Mindset 2. Business Leadership 3. Corporate Culture for your Organization 4. Business Management Skill 5. Complexity Management 6. Situation Handling and Pivoting 7. Being a Favorite Leader