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Technology We reflect the demand, driven by Generation Y, for a move away from the traditional classroom style training and learning environments, and towards a truly blended, dynamic learning environment that makes information, knowledge and learning instantly accessible. We deliver this by blending, appropriately, all of the techniques, methodology, systems and processes that exist today, to achieve the aforementioned outcomes. “NOT JUST TALK…
MAKE A POWERFUL COMBINATION.” The Economist, January 27th 2011 RSTCA is optimising its programs for delivery via smartphones and tablets to provide a unique range of mobile learning products that meet the growing international demand for Vocational Qualifications. They can be contextualized to fit with local cultures and learning needs and can lead to the award of internationally recognized accredited Certificates and Diplomas. A student’s learning journey can progress via an introductory international certificate through, diploma and advanced diplomas to degree and post-graduate levels. They are recognised internationally and can be accepted as entrance qualifications or credits of prior learning by UK Universities. RSTCA programs are delivered utilizing proven, low barrier technologies to provide an interactive learner focused experience. They are rich in video, animation and audio content and they can also be customized to take account of the specific needs of individual companies and organizations. Students can choose to study on their own, in their own time and at
any location or as part of a blended program that includes face-to-face tuition and mentoring. Our programs are either sold directly by us to organizations and individuals or via participating Learning Centres. Upon our receipt of payment learners receive a unique login and password. The cost of any face-to-face or online tuition is not included in our prices. Learners who wish this should contact a Participating Learning Centre. RSTCA Mobile Learning “The Next Generation, Beyond e-Learning” m-Learning is:“Creating learning opportunities for people on the move,delivered on-line or by downloading, to a range of mobile devices” We summarize the benefits as: Speed – Flexibility – Reach Speed. - Fast to develop and implement - Quick & cost effective to update - -Completion at learners pace (fast or slower) Flexibility - Part of a blended solution (any time, any place, any where) - Variety of content i.e. text, video, animation etc… - One program, in many languages Reach - Accessibility – instantly available around the world - Availability – learning “in your pocket” - Quality – one program, one standard – globally Mobile Learning Devices Typically m-Learning devices include: - Smartphones – iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc… - Tablet – iPad, Playbook, Galaxy etc… - Netbooks, Laptops & NotebooksiPods On-line connectivity via: - Wi-Fi - 3G & 4G Networks - Private Networks Off-line delivery via: - Downloadable “Apps” - Enhanced Podcasts Tracking & Assessment Programs can be linked to, and managed by, an on-line Learning Management System (LMS) to provide: - Online Assessment - -Tracking the Progress of Learners - A Range of Reports - Links to a Competency Management System (CMS)