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Course: 50 hours Module 1. Customer segment identification– Target market identification training and market research 2. Possible clients identification– Yellow pages and web crawling for assessment of possible clients 3. Needs demand appeal– Psychological assessment 4. AIDUPTA model training (Attention-Interest-Desire-Urgency-Price-Trust-Action) 5. 4P model development– Product, Price, Place and Promotion model study 6. Psychology profiling– Appealing and personal selling tactics 7. NLP modeling– Neuro-Linguistic Programming implementation in the marketing sales 8. Rapport and Trust generation–Sales man general training 9. Quality service– Relationship and holistic marketing 10. Post purchase evaluation 11. Cognitive dissonance dissolved 12. Graphics designing– For publicity materials SALES MAN TRAINING Sales is a wonderful subject which has certain degree of predefined work-order and sometimes out of box thinking. Sales can be defined as a science where all the Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other predefined ways of doing it is done, and sometimes as a art where the way that we perform sales is mostly never done before. Here we try to point out the ways that we should perform the sales presentation that we should do before and after the sales presentation, how to close the sales and how to lure customer into purchasing your products. 1. Ten steps of Sales 2. Sales man Tricks 3. Weapons of Selling 4. Tips of Selling 5. Social Marketing PRODUCT PRICING TRAINING There is no “one right way” to calculate your pricing. Once you’ve considered the various factors involved and determined your objectives for your pricing strategy , now you need some way to crunch the actual numbers. Here are four ways to calculate prices: 1. Cost-plus pricing – 2. Target return pricing – 3. Value-based pricing – 4. Psychological pricing – 5. Positioning – 6. Popular price points – 7. Fair pricing – .RAPPORT BUILDING TRAINING Rapport is the basic building bridge of how others perceive you. Hence if you want to be more charming, attractive more friendly and more personal hence you need a training of NLP model of rapport building. 1. 7 steps of rapport building 2. Basic covert hypnosis 3. Neuro linguistic programming 4. Soft skills 5. Matching sensory preference 6. Eye accessing clues Over all Module 1. Sales & Negotiation tips 2. Selling & Grooming 3. Territory Management 4. Channel Sales 5. Effective selling 6. Techniques 7. Market Mapping. 8. 7 Steps to Long term 9. Selling Essentials 1. Essentials of Marketing 2. Essentials of B2B Marketing 3. Essentials of Marketing Research 4. Essentials of Social Media Marketing 5. Essentials of Branding and Measurement Strategy 1. Content Marketing 2. Increasing Email Marketing Effectiveness 3. Influencer Marketing 4. Leading the Marketing Planning Initiative 5. Advanced Marketing Planning 6. Measuring Marketing ROI 7. Successfully Managing the Creative Process Branding 1. Strategic Brand Development 2. Brand Storytelling Customer Experience 1. Interpreting the Voice of Your Customer 2. Rethinking the Customer Experience Sales & Marketing 1. Aligning Sales with Marketing Digital 2. Digital Strategy and Analytics 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4. Social eCommerce Data & Analytics 1. Winning with Analytics Marcom 1. Effective Marketing Writing 2. Integrated Marketing Communications Other Topics 1. Introduction/Essentials of Direct Marketing Campaign Management 2. Digital Marketing 3. The Direct Mail Package 4. Audience Targeting & Relationship Marketing 5. Graphics & Design 6. Offers and Propositions 7. Proven Creative Platforms 8. Evaluating and Strengthening Your Copy 9. Research & Testing 10. How to Achieve Multichannel Marketing Campaign Success 11. Print & Online Catalog Marketing Guidelines