Certification on Corporate Finance and Accounts
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Certification on Corporate Finance and Accounts

Certification on Corporate Finance and Accounts

Course: 100 Hours

What you'll learn

  • Understand bookkeeping records
  • Learn Chartered Accountant skills
  • Learn more about how to use Tax, Finance, Costing, Planning and Business Development
  • Build an Income Statement
  • Build a Balance Sheet
  • Understand the accounting equation and the principle of double entry
  • Tell the difference between debits and credits
  • Account for the difference between income and cash
  • Navigate through Financial Reports with ease
  • Perform Vertical and Horizontal Analysis
  • Calculate Liquidity, Solvency, Profitability and Growth ratios
  • Analyze a company's performance based on the figures in its annual report


FINANCE DEPARTMENT TRAINING Financial Training includes the following training for the development of utter skill and evaluation skills of the trainee: 1. Stock market analysis and investment decision tools training 2. Corporate finance short term and long term funding source identification 3. Venture capitalist investment models and social impact identification 4. Private equity LBO decisions and merger and acquisition synergy identification 5. Banking and financial sectors parameter setting module 6. International investment and FDI processing manual 7. Not For Profit Organization funding source identification 8. Startup financial management and source identification 9. CFO/Actuary/CFA/CA/Actuary/CIMA/CIA and other professional course advisory 10. Identification of Financial Manipulation and correction effects Hence if you feel that your skills needs to be polished and the world of international finance and banking needs special attention to your side, please do contact us. We will fix the meeting date and the consultant who will guide you to polish your skills and ability ACCOUNTING AND SECRETARY WORKS We are glad to inform you that we have prepared a customized module oftraining for you to benefit your accounting, auditing, tax, data analysis and computerization software package. Attached with this sheet please find the pdf of our detailed training program. Also as resources for your use we have are following : 1. Excel advanced audit tools 2. Excel example sheet for audit 3. Advanced excel analysis tools 4. Ms word complete guide 5. Sample audited balance sheet of NGO, Hotel and Pvt Ltd 6. Financial Statement format for Pvt Ltd of Nepal 7. Ratio analysis Excel sheet 8. Salary sheet example for tax filing 9. Tax act Nepal summary PDF file 10. And training module excel sheet for check list We would like to mention that your module will be of: 1. Basic and Advanced Excel Tools application 2. Basic and Advanced MS Word Tools application 3. Tally Basic and Advanced Module with customization capacity 4. Audit module will analysis of data’s and fraud detection 5. Accounting module with Diploma in Accounting (refer) 6. Tax module (Income tax, vat, TDS, personal tax, online filing, tax office visit, PAN, Tax planning ACCOUNTING COURSE SYLLABUS 1. Basic accounting terms 2. Introduction to accounting 3. Accounting principles 4. Double entry book keeping 5. Journal voucher 6. Ledgers 7. Purchase and sales book 8. Trial balance 9. Cash flow and income flow statement 10. Final accounts 11. Installation of accounting software 12. Entry receipts and payment 13. Preparation of final accounts and printing Course Syllabus 14. Basic accounting terms 15. Introduction to accounting 16. Accounting principles 17. Double entry book keeping 18. Journal voucher 19. Ledgers 20. Purchase and sales book 21. Trial balance 22. Cash flow and income flow statement 23. Final accounts 24. Installation of accounting software 25. Entry receipts and payment 26. Preparation of final accounts and printing Complete Excel, Audit, Accounting, Data mining, Word, Powerpoint, Taxation Training for Nepal Training Module Training Client Module for the PDF Manual MONEY LAUNDERING (BLACK MONEY) Money Laundering is the most prevalent means where the resources of illegal activity are converted into to legalized system and hence create inflation and devaluation of a currency. Usually money laundering is done from the money that is earned from: 1. Smuggling 2. Burglary 3. Extortion 4. Contract Killing 5. Vote-buying 6. Corruption 7. Commission 8. Drugs Trading 9. Organs trading 10. Weapons sales 11. Kidnapping and human trade 12. Gambling 13. Forgery 14. Political manipulation 15. Public property sales 16. Government ransoms