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Certification on CEO Skills

Certification on CEO Skills

Course: 100 Hours

What you'll learn

  • Innovate, execute on good ideas, and diffusing the ideas throughout the organization
  • Unlock more strategic information and find better ways of working together
  • Succeed in a world where smart, orchestrated networks and tiny firms that do not need much capital to compete with larger organizations
  • Manage your business more easily, using RSTCA CEO management system


CORE CEO SKILLS 3 EACH DAY 1 ADVANCED EXCEL+WORD+PPT+OUTLOOK ALL FUNCTIONS OF EXCEL FOR BUSINESS CEO 1 2 ART OF HAPPINESS LIST OF HAPPY MAKING 3 Behavior Modeling Skills OF A BLUE COLLOR STAFF 4 Business Debate, Business Quiz, and Social Media Skills DEBATE SHOW CEO 2 5 BUSINESS ETIQUETTE TRAINING 6 Business Plan Development Skills OF A COMPANY OF CLIENT 7 CONDUCTING CORPORATE MEETING 5 TIMES WITH ALL DETAILS CEO 3 8 CONFLICT RESOLUTION 5 CASE STUDY 9 CUSTOMER CARE CALLING AND REPLY 10 EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE HOW TO CEO 4 11 HRM PLANNING FOR 5 CASE 12 Impression Management MEETING WITH 3 BIG PEOPLES 13 INDUSTRY SPECIFIC PROBLEMS RESEARCH 50 PROBLEMS CEO 5 14 INDUSTRY SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS RESEARCH SOLUTIONS 15 INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS MAKING NEW PR CONTACT WITH 50 NEW PEOPLES 16 Language And Communication Skills TEST OF COMMUNICATION 5 TIMES CEO 6 17 Leadership Development LEADING A PROJECT 18 Management Of Multicultural Issues MEETING WITH CROSS CULTURE 5 PEOPLES 19 MANUAL MAKING MAKING MANUAL FOR INDUSTRY ………………. CEO 7 20 Negotiation Skills NEED 5 DEAL CLOSE 21 ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION MAKING A SYSTEM OF COMMUNICATION 22 PERFORMANCE MOTIVATION METHODS AND SYSTEM DESIGN 3 SET CEO 8 23 PERSONAL VS PROFESSIONAL LIFE TIME MANAGEMENT 24 PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT ONE DAY TRAINING 25 POLICY MAKING MAKING POLICY FOR INDUSTRY …………………… CEO 9 26 PRESENTATION OF ONE YEAR PERFORMANCE OF A COMPANY 27 PROBLEM SOLVING TRAINING 28 PROJECT WORK ONE INDUSTRY COMPLETE SET OF DOCUMENTS CEO 10 29 Proposal Writing Skills MAKING 3 PROPOSALS 30 PUBIC SPEAKING TRAINING 31 RESEARCH REPORT VARIOUS TRENDS CEO 11 32 SPRITUAL SCIENCE BHAGBAT GITA 33 STRESS MANAGEMENT PRANIC HEALING 34 TEAM BUILDING 3 GAMES CEO 12 35 TIME MANAGEMENT 3 METHODS FORTUNE 500 CORPORATE SKILLS 7 DAYS FOR SELF DEVELOPMENT 1 Always Bringing a Solution TELLING TO BRING PROBLEMS AND LIST IT FORTUNE 1 2 Always Having a Point of View HALF GIVEN ANSWER AND CHECK IF THEY GIVE SOLUTION 3 Avoiding Analysis Paralysis OVER ANALYZING A THING TASK AND THEN REALIZATION FORTUNE 2 4 Being Patient GIVING PROBLEM WHICH NEEDS 30 DAYS TO SOLVE 5 Getting the Job Done GIVING MOST DIFFICULT TASK AND REALIZING FORTUNE 3 6 Growing a Thick Skin PERSONAL CRITISISM, PERSONALITY CHANGE 7 Identifying Inefficient Business Processes FINDING 20 PROCESS FORTUNE 4 8 Organizing and Systemizing 50 WAYS OF ORGANIZING 9 Organizing Thoughts STRUCTURED THINKING FORTUNE 5 10 Running Split Tests MAKING MONTE CARLO SIMUMATION 11 Selling Yourself MAKING CONNECTIONS WITH FNCCI FEW BIG LEADERS FORTUNE 6 12 Structured Writing WRITING EMAILS AND DOCUMENTS 13 Using Microsoft Excel PROBLEM AND MAKING A EXCEL SHEET FORTUNE 7 14 Working With Big Businesses KNOWING ALL BIG PROCESS ROLE PLAYING GAME 8 days ORGANIZING A EVENT OR SHOW Occupation You could include 1 Artist Photographs of your paintings, illustrations, sculptures, etc. ROLE 1 2 Chef or baker Photographs of your culinary creations 3 Dancer, actor, musician Video and/or audio recordings of your work 4 Designer Photos of graphic, interior, or web design work ROLE 2 5 Facilitator or trainer Copies of presentation or training materials, participant evaluations, and video recordings of your presentations 6 Mechanic Pictures of auto restorations 7 Multimedia specialist Copies of interactive programs you have created ROLE 3 8 Photographer Prints of your photographs 9 Public relations specialist Copies of press work and marketing plans as well as results of event promotions 10 Office support staff Brochures, reports, newsletters, spreadsheets, and other examples of work that you have completed ROLE 4 11 Researcher Copies of research reports, peer reviews, technical documents, and articles in newspapers and professional journals as well as any awards received 12 Sales person Graphs showing sales results 13 Tailor or seamstress Pictures of the clothing that you have produced (and wear your own creations to the job interview) ROLE 5 14 Teacher Copies of lesson plans, class projects, and assignments 15 Writer Copies of blogs, newspapers, and journal articles as well as grant proposals, reports, marketing plans, etc. 16 Office Secretary Making notes for CEO ROLE 6 17 Receptionist Picking up and making calls 18 Chairman Making decisions 19 Board of Director Making calls ROLE 7 20 Accountant Being a accountant 21 Cashier Being a cashier 22 Brand Manager Making brand promotion strategy ROLE 8 23 Inspector Making security module 24 Detective Making a detective plan as auditor BUSINESS EXECUTIVE SKILLS 3 DAYS EACH SEGMENT 11 MODULE BUSINESS 1 BUSINESS 2 BUSINESS 3 Core Skills 1 Leadership 4 Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestiture 9 1. Defining Mission, Vision and Values 37. Leading an Organization 78. Strategic Business Development 2. Communicating Values 38. Leading Extended Enterprises (Multi-Firm Structures) 79. Strategic Decisions to Acquire, Merge or Divest 3. Championing a Vision 39. Creating a High Performance Culture 80. Transitional Strategies 4. Motivating 40. Developing High Potential Talent 81. M&A Economics 5. Strategy Formulation 41. Business Negotiations 82. Structuring Acquisitions 6. Strategy Execution 42. Establishing Partnerships and Alliances 83. Acquisition Valuation 7. Corporate Financial Management 43. Leadership Assessment & Development 84. M&A Law 8. Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture 44. Removing Obstacles for High Priority Programs and Initiatives 85. Restructuring & Corporate Governance 9. Corporate Governance 10. Protecting and Growing a Firm's Assets 11. Preserving and Enhancing a Firm's Reputation BUSINESS 4 BUSINESS 5 BUSINESS 6 Strategy 2 Decision Making 5 Marketing & Sales 10 12. Competitive Strategy 45. Financial Analysis for Corporate Decisions 86. Market-Focused Sales Strategy 13. Strategic Management of Innovation 46. Developing Solutions to Multidimensional Problems 87. Multinational Marketing Strategy 14. Developing Strategic Business Models 47. Modeling Business Decisions 88. Strategic Market Measurement 15. Succession Planning 48. Managing Social Dilemmas 89. R&D Management 16. Strategic Hiring BUSINESS 7 17. Managing Top Talent Legal, Risk & Compliance 6 18. Sustainability 49. Regulatory Compliance 19. Corporate Social Responsibility 50. Managing Liability 20. Corporate Entrepreneurship 51. Organizing a Company (Legal Structure) 21. Identification and Evaluation of Market Opportunities 52. Risk Management 22. Commercializing Business Capabilities 53. Counterparty Risk Management 23. Sales and Operations Planning 54. Operational & Financial Risk Oversight BUSINESS 8 BUSINESS 9 BUSINESS 10 Executive Management 3 Technology 7 Finance 11 24. Managing Communications to the Board of Directors 55. Strategic Management of Technology 90. Dividend Policy 25. Managing Relationships with the Board of Directors 56. Digital Business Strategy 91. Strategic Cost Management 26. Ensuring Corporate Transparency 57. IT Governance 92. Financial Management in a Dynamic Regulatory Environment 27. Raising Capital 58. Managing a Portfolio of IT Investments 93. Corporate Budgets and Financial Statements 28. Prioritization and Resource Allocation 94. Corporate Multi-National Tax Strategy 29. Quality Management BUSINESS 11 95. Revenue Management 30. Organizational Design Soft Skills 8 96. Corporate Capital Structure 31. Managing Strategic Objectives 59. Aligning Others Around Short Term and Long Range Plans 97. Financing Operations & Investment 32. Developing Strategic Alliances 60. Diplomacy 98. Maintaining Internal Auditing Standards 33. Market and Business Forecasting 61. Endurance 99. Financial Regulation Awareness 34. Continuous Business Improvement 62. Charisma 35. Holding Leaders Accountable for Results 63. Results Focus 36. Managing Global Operations 64. Action Focus 65. Creative Questioning 66. Trust & Verify 67. Intelligent and Curious 68. Passion for Pursuing Goals 69. Breakthrough Thinking 70. Dealing with Ambiguity 71. Commercial Perspective 72. Innovation 73. Cross-Cultural Leadership 74. Finding Order in Chaos 75. Networking With External Executive Leaders 76. Influence Over External Power Structures (e.g. Industry Influence) 77. Entrepreneurial Thinking