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At the helm of many HR processes remains the accurate assessment of people, the requirement to identify with clarity the abilities of employees and then align them to their functions. Misplaced talent can be detrimental to any organisation's financial health and results in loss of human capital. RSTCA offers expertise through our assessment centres and development centres, utilising structured tools of assessment and competency mapping helping in the correct development and placement of employees. It extends entire processes of identifying and placing the right talent in the right place at the right time. RSTCA assessments are validated by measurable results while they use effective and sophisticated tools via our 360 degrees feedback multirators and impact surveys along with succession planning. Unless a gap is assessed it cannot be closed, RSTCA's development centre helps seal these gaps using contemporary assessment tools.

Development Solutions

The selection and development of employees and executives has long been conducted on a fairly haphazard basis, relying on the experience and hunches of decision makers within an organization. Standardized tests have not been widely used in selecting and evaluating managers and executives. RSTCA's development centre method presents a razor sharp X-picture of your people, your management, your market and your sales organisation as a starting point for an implementation plan that will lead to dramatic improvement in the development of your employees. Target Group and Approach The development centre intervention is for evaluating employees and managers internally and externally based on their competency mapping through our 360 degrees multirators approach. We use the best practice blended approach, that includes the use of 360 degree feedback multirators on competences that enable high performance for the role, followed by in person assessment on triangulated and calibrated tools to create a composite picture. Thus prediction potential accurately is an expertise of our assessment and development centres, ensuring a sound and robust system in place for the optimum growth of a business. DOOR assessments and solutions are to reckon with and this tall claim is validated by our valued partners.