Advanced Investment and Private Equity
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Advanced Investment and Private Equity

What You Will Learn

Through a rich learning experience that includes faculty presentations, case studies, small group discussions, and practical exercises, you will develop the essential problem-solving and decision-making skills needed to craft an effective investment strategy, raise the required capital, and facilitate productive dealmaking.

Key Topics

Private equity globalization
  • Understand how capital flows across both national and regional boundaries
  • Manage a multinational fund versus one run from a single office
  • Adjust investment strategies for the demand-and-supply dynamics of different countries and regions
  • Assess the impact of traditional management practices and the localization of investments
  • Anticipate exit difficulties and other risks
Emerging markets
  • Adapt your investment style for new high-growth markets
  • Identify new funding opportunities
  • Embrace earlier-stage investments
  • Understand the differences between fundraising and investing efforts
  • Make decisions that address the distinct financial and cultural aspects of a country or region
Implications of both firm and fund size
  • Align your investment strategies with your firm and fund
  • Prepare for the distinct challenges that characterize different stages of growth
  • Recognize how the size of your firm and fund can affect the perceptions of investors and other industry players
  • Understand how firm and fund size can influence deal sourcing and selection, enterprise valuation, portfolio mix, and the management of portfolio companies