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Registered as RSTCA Pvt Ltd with Company registration number 134101, PAN No 602491800, as S Pvt Ltd with Company Registration number 136599 and PAN no 603506756 and Venus Business Group Pvt Ltd with Company registration number 23775, PAN No 609775118 and Harvard Education Consultancy Group with Registration Number 1034003.


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Started on 2010 as Academic Training and Corporate training and legally launched from 2014 as training for job seekers and entrepreneurs RSTCA Learning has helped more than 10,000 students to gain skill and development on Nepal and Asia. With Online and Offline module it is able to reach to more person globally and is well renowned institute in Nepal. With more than 100+ courses we have more than 100 renowned trainer of Nepal and Asia who help us in maintaining business. Registered as Venus Business Group Pvt Ltd, it is one of leading business group working on student, studies, gold, jewelry, luxury products and other trading and investment.



What is RSTCA-Venus?

A way of learning how to do things:
  • with more creativity
  • with best use of resources
  • with best performance
  • in new way of mind
  • with new mindset
  • on real life scenarios situations
  • to find solutions easily
  • to have edge over untrained mind
  • to do things fast, with more quality and less cost
  • to realize past, present and future

Why us?

  • Practical Workshop
  • Learning by doing
  • Real Life templates
  • Playing real life roles
  • Real Time Practice on real tools
  • Internship
  • Job Placement
  • Opportunity to be Trainer
  • Get Management Trainee role at RSTCA
  • More than 200 skills
  • We don’t give theory
  • We create real life scenario
  • We use real world template
  • We make them do rather show how
  • We push to limits
  • We make them imagine scenarios
  • We always improve
  • We have lots of case study of real life
  • We make best curriculum for learning

Focus & Vision

In the corporate sector, RSTCA Learning focuses on developing business skills that would take your organization to new levels of success. Its innovative courses for Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Manufacturing, Operations and Services endeavor to give them a definite edge. RSTCA Learning is one of India’s finest marketplace engaged in human capital training and development. A premier organization delivering high quality learning solutions to corporations, professionals. RSTCA Learning was founded with a vision that is all encompassing in its breadth, yet single minded in its focus, effectively – ‘charge you a step forward’ as an individual or an organization. This focus on your needs is central to how RSTCA Learning philosophy across our key market verticals of corporate, educational institutions as well as individual learning solutions. RSTCA Learning delivers training programs with cutting edge techniques and methodology that equips people with the right skills and knowledge, to help them achieve their career dreams. In order to ensure this happens, RSTCA Learning focuses on a scientific assessment of each client’s need and an accurate evaluation of the training delivery and the end results.

RSTCA-Venus Philosophy & Methodology

The focus on your needs forms the foundation of RSTCA philosophy. RSTCA deliver training programs with cutting edge techniques and methodology that equips people with right skills, knowledge and behaviour to help them achieve their career goals. In order to ensure this happens, RSTCA focuses on scientific assessment of each client’s need and an accurate evaluation of training delivery to reach end goals of each program.

Corporate Social Responsibility

“RSTCA Skill Foundation” is committed to building an empowered India by providing ‘Skills for Employability’ & aims to make India the Skills Capital of the world. RSTCA Learning encourages all its employees to take part in the social welfare work and strongly committed to become a good corporate citizen. We view Corporate Social Responsibility as a true effort to reach, help and provide capabilities to the weaker sections of the society